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About PACE IIT & Medical - A Message from Our Director

Welcome to PACE IIT & Medical, where your academic dreams find wings. Our mission is simple: to provide unwavering support and mentorship, ensuring that you’re fully prepared to tackle the toughest Engineering and Medical entrance exams in the world.

Over the years, our dedicated efforts have seen thousands of students realize their ambitions. We’ve proudly guided them into prestigious institutions like the IITs, AIIMS, and top global universities, including Ivy League institutions like Stanford, Cornell, and MIT. Many of our esteemed alumni have gone on to lead multinational companies, exemplified by figures like Mr. Parag Agarwal, who now serves as the CEO of Twitter, and Yashodhan Kanoria, the core programmer at UBER.

At PACE, our secret to success lies in our “student-first” approach. We place your needs and feedback at the forefront, ensuring that your unique learning journey is our utmost priority. Our faculty comprises primarily of IIT graduates, doctorates, and medical professionals who are passionate about teaching and wholly dedicated to nurturing your potential.

We instill in our students an attitude that doesn’t settle for anything less than success, both academically and socially. Money should never be a barrier to quality education, which is why we are passionate about providing an academic platform to deserving and meritorious students, irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds.

Begin Your Journey to Success with PACE IIT & Medical

Unlock the door to academic excellence and a brighter future. Join us at PACE IIT & Medical and let us help you achieve your dreams of becoming a successful Engineer or Doctor. Your path to success starts here.

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