English Speaking Course

  1. Modules of syllabus

Module V - Intonation

  • Phonetics - Pronunciation, Accent, Tone.
  • Articulation and it's place. Rhythm drill.

Module VI - Public Speaking

  • Speech, Extempore, G.D, Debate & presentation.
  • Role play, situational conversation & reporting.
  • Weekly video recording and feedback.
  • Mock - Group discussion and personal interviews.

Module VII - Personality development

  • Building positive attitude and psycho test.
  • Self-motivtion classes, how to motivate people
  • Decision making, Goal setting, vission and concenteration.
  • Developing confidence, overcoming fear.
  • Soft skills: Enthusiasim, Criticism, Admiration and Teamwork.
  • Body language, gesture, posture and eye contact.
Level Course name Duration For Course Fee One Time Fee Down Pmt. Apart from admission fee 1st Instalment on 30 days 2nd Instalment on 60 days Validity
A  Speaking Cour Correct & Confident Speaking -- -- -- -- -- 90DAYS
B Advance


60 HOURS Developing Personality & Fluency -- -- -- -- -- 60DAYS
L Lifetime Membership For students of level A & B. (Other students need to upgrade to 'O' Level) -- -- -- Lifetime

N.B:- Admission and registration charge: Rs. 999/- is charged once to every candidate apart from course fee. Short term course fee: Full amount - One time Fee should be paid by Short- timers and they are not charged next time they repeat.