Overall Guarnteed English Course(IELTS)

Six days in a week, from Basic level to the desired fluency level in English. Guaranteed development if the candidate attends 5 Months of class sincerely following the norms. Validity: Lifetime*

Module I - Personal care

  • Introduction and asking questions.
  • Art of reading, active listening and visualisation.
  • Doubt clearing and assignment correction.

Module II - Basic Grammar

  • Uses of parts of Speech, Conjunction, Etc.
  • Uses of Tense, Articles, Verb and auxiliary.
  • Kind of sentences, their structure and formation.
  • Sentence pattern.

Module III - Competitive section

  • Composition: Letter, Paragraph, Essay etc.
  • Cloze test, jumble sentences.
  • Common errors and clauses.
  • Passage and comprehension
  • Weekly written test

Module IV - Word Power

  • Vocabulary - Antonyms, Synonyms, Idioms and Phrases.
  • One word substitutions, phrases and their uses.

Module V - Fluency Grammer

  • Transformation: (Voice, Narration etc.)
  • Prepositions and models.

Module VI - Intonation

  • Phonetics - Pronunciation, Accent, Tone.
  • Articulation and it's place. Rhythm drill.

Module VII - Public Speaking

  • Speech, Extempore, G.D, Debate & presentation.
  • Role play, situational conversation & reporting.
  • Weekly video recording and feedback.
  • Mock - Group discussion and personal interviews.

Module VIII - Personality development

  • Building positive attitude and psycho test.
  • Self-motivation classes, how to motivate people
  • Decision making, Goal setting, vision and concentration.
  • Developing confidence, overcoming fear.
  • Soft skills: Enthusiasm, Criticism, Admiration and Teamwork.
  • Body language, gesture, posture and eye contact.

Short term courses: students joining short course in their vacations will cover the course in almost half duration by double classes.
New Students need to listen to good speakers.
You won’t miss anything.
Your classes will start just after the admission.
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