Competitive Written English

Modules of syllabus

Module II - Basic Grammar

  • Uses of parts of Speech, Conjunction, Etc.
  • Uses of Tense, Articles, Verb and auxiliary.
  • Kind of sentences, their structure and formation.
  • Sentence pattern.

Module III - Word Power

  • Vocabulary - Antonyms, Synonyms, Idioms and Phrases.
  • One word substitutions, phrases and their uses.

Module IV - Grammar Check

  • Transformation: (Voice, Narration etc.)
  • Prepositions and models.

Module VIII - Competitive section

  • Composition: Letter, Paragraph, Essay etc.
  • Cloze test, jumble sentences.
  • Common errors and clauses.
  • Passage and comprehension
  • Weekly written test
Level Course name Duration For Course Fee One Time Fee Down Pmt. Apart from admission fee 1st Instalment on 30 days 2nd Instalment on 60 days Validity
C Competitive / Written 135 HOURS Qualifying Competitive Test -- -- -- -- -- 135 DAY